Divorce Mediators of New Jersey

Separate attorneys: The inexpensive way.

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Soon after beginning mediation, you hire two attorneys, one each as advisors, not litigators. Not needing to prepare for trial means an enormous reduction in retainers and legal fees. You pay by the hour for the advice you need. Your review attorney will not be neutral. He or she will be entirely on your side. Your spouse’s review attorney will be entirely on their side. Since each of you has a “review” attorney, both parties’ legal rights are protected. No agreement reached in mediation is binding (or even signed) before you review it in final form with your own attorney. Further, you know that your both will consult with your attorney. So, if your legal rights are being disregarded, you will know it as soon as you discuss it with your attorney. Moreover, if you want to suggest a way to settle an area of disagreement, check with your attorney to make sure you aren’t offering more than you should or so little that it will be rejected out of hand when discussed with your spouse’s attorney.

A little information can go a long way. When you both know the relevant law and your options, you can reach a fair agreement.